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Hi I'm Keatley,


I’m driven, approachable and bad at sarcasm.


Story-driven work from commercials and fashion brand films, to music videos and short films. I love what I do and enjoy working with equally passionate storytellers.

With my technical training complemented by real-world experience, I revel in creating high-end film and video work no matter the budget, capitalising on opportunities and providing my unique creative voice.


I am committed to excellence, and take pride in producing work that engages and resonates with audiences.

I also provide editing work - you can have a look here

Every brand has a story to tell... are a few of the brands I've told stories for:


Mind Bristol

Illicit Bloc

Instinct Apparel

Hun Wines

Westbury Inks


Ranvier Health

Jimmy's Iced Coffee

Smile Solution


The Crown Estate

Temperley London

University of Oxford

University of Bristol

University of Southhampton

Hoare Lea




Jake Voelcker

Client | Mind Bristol

"Keatley fully understood and believed in the message that we wanted to convey. He is clearly a gifted storyteller and communicator."

Mark Sheldon

Commercial Director

“Always willing, always receptive, always passionate. Working with Keatley brings a fresh energy to every production”

Jordan Brady

Commercial Director

“Great spots!"

Stuart Williams

Client | Westbury Inks

"Keatley was a pleasure to work with – very attentive and a good eye for detail. We were very happy with the end result."

Here's a short video about me:

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