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Here To Listen | Mind Bristol

After a difficult week of dealing with a support network that doesn't fully understand his struggle, a young man seeks the non-judgemental space Mindline provides.


Director: Keatley Adams

DoP: Olly Blower


Producers: Jake Voelcker, 

Keatley Adams

Client Testimonial: 


"Keatley has exceeded our expectations in every single area of this project. From the initial brainstorming and script development, through casting and shooting, to the final edit we have been blown away by the skill, dedication and professionalism shown by Keatley and his team. 


He recruited an impressive cast and crew very quickly. He found locations and sourced equipment, and managed the whole production. He shot, edited and carried out post-production with just the right level of consultation: we were able to contribute and request changes without it ever feeling onerous or time-consuming. 


Best of all, Keatley fully understood and believed in the message that we wanted to convey. He is clearly a gifted storyteller and communicator. And this really comes across in the final video. We are now using it not only to promote Mindline, but also to show to our funders, partners and new staff because it so perfectly captures what Mindline is all about."


Jake Voelcker (Mindline Coordinator / Producer)

As well as being used on Mind Bristol's social media and website, this commercial is also being used at public fundraising events to promote Mind Bristol's brand message and Mindline service.

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